Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 201: Wrapped up in Shades of Gray

Break from homework time, woooo!

I have spent the majority of today (11:30am - 4pm) doing homework for one class. ONE CLASS. I would not mind this so much if it was later in the semester when big projects are usually due, however, this project is only worth 10% of my mark, and so far I have spent over 8 hours on it. That much of my time for a measly 10% seems hardly worth it. Oh well, I will soldier on with it, since once again I am gunning for As.

While studying at a coffee shop today, I did take a five-minute break for some people watching/hardcore creeping. This is my story:

It’s just sort of cute to be studying in a coffee shop and happen to notice two people who appear to be on a first date. 
First dates are probably one of the small joys in life. Or big joys when it’s my life and there are very few of them…but that’s besides the point.
First dates are gloriously awkward. You usually don’t know the person all that well, or if you think you do, you quickly realize that there is a whole world of idiosyncrasies within that person that you have yet to see. 
This particular “couple” is fairly cute because they seem to enjoy each other’s company (smiling, laughing, excited sharing about their lives), however, it’s interesting to watch their body language. The man is sort of laying his arm across the table as if he wants to touch her arm or hold her hand. The woman is a hand-talker and is talking quite a bit. When not talking she places one hand in her lap and one on her coffee cup. Eventually, he appears to give up and crosses his arms loosely in front of him on the table...
And now I’ve realized I’ve been staring at this couple for a solid five minutes from the top floor of the coffee shop (they are down below) and I am officially a total creep.

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