Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 199: Midnight Black

These socks could easily be taken as a bad omen for school. Or the stupid 5 hour break I have in my school day. Or the Zumba class I'm starting today. Or the fact that I didn't get paid today, when I was supposed to, and now I still have no money until Monday. Being a poor student again already sucks.

So let's go back to that comment about Zumba. I feel much the same about this class as I did about my yoga experience: a little apprehensive because I haven't done it before. I've heard it's fun, but people said that about yoga, and let's be honest, I'm not a huge fan. The other part I'm apprehensive about is looking disgusting for my Stats class that starts an hour after Zumba ends. I contemplated showering after Zumba, but then I have to bring a lock, a big workout bag, with a change of clothes, a towel, toiletries, etc. So I brought a smaller bag and really the only thing missing from it is a towel. So, the genius plan of bringing a small bag wasn't actually that much different in hindsight.

Oh well, we'll see how yucky I look after working out in the middle of the day and then sitting through 5 more hours of class. At least I brought clean clothes to change into!

Now that i'm done complaining, I am really looking forward to the fitness classes that I signed up for this year. I signed up for three! So working out three times a week again will be really good for me, right?! I'm hoping that by Christmas I'll look (and most importantly, feel) so much better. I was feeling a little down on myself by the end of this summer. This will help with that.


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