Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 205: Hannah Montana

These socks were gifted to me by a very dear friend. Obviously because I love Hannah Montana (aka I've never seen it) and because I love Miley Cyrus (aka can't stand her except that one song that I forget the name of). So, yeah, I'm a big fan!!!!!!!

I've been spending some time today thinking about how awesome it would be to live in the olden-days. And I don't mean the 1960's where I could wear bell-bottoms and tube tops and rock long hair and flip flops. I don't mean the 1920's where I could wear sparkly flapper dresses and fun headbands with feathers and nylons all the time. Thankfully! Nylons are the worst. No, the olden-days I would love to have lived in are around the late 1800's era. The long dresses. The curled hair. The bonnets. The adorable shoes with buttons all up the side. The "dances" that people attended. The lack of really doing anything all day but reading and learning about the world through books and other people. Maybe I appreciate the perceived simplicity of the time. However, I'm totally against the idea that the women were basically oppressed, had no rights, and were essentially on Earth to be wives and mothers.

I wonder if I lived in those times if I would go along with life the way it was "intended" and be a silly girl, obsessed with boys, get married to the richest man my family situation would allow and have as many children as possible, possibly daydreaming all the while that my life was different - or would I fight it and try to be independent and prove my worth, despite being a woman? Would I travel? Read? Learn to write? Play music and sing?

I'd love to think that I would try to read and learn and explore as much as possible. I imagine my wanderlust would probably still be a part of me, even if I was living in an oppressive society.

Hmmm...hoping for dreams of big dresses, tight corsets and cute shoes tonight!

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  1. I thought it was slippers, I had my collection of Hannah Montana goodies.


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