Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 197: The Polka of Dots

I'm alive followers, I really am! I realize that I haven't posted since July 28th, which means an entire month and a bit has gone by without me sharing the ins and outs of my life. I have failed those of you that want to know what is happening in my life. And I have brought joy to those that don't give a crap and can't be bothered with reading my blog.

I spent almost the entire month of August working just outside of Edmonton. Four weeks of hotel living. This idea of spending the month of August in another city has become a theme. Last year I lived in Portland, Oregon for four weeks straight. This year, Edmonton, Alberta. While Portland is a way cooler city than Edmonton, the people I worked with in Edmonton were fabulous! They even took me to dinner and a (absolutely hilarious!) comedy show on my last night there!

My August was filled with: recruitment, driving rental cars, Panago, nausea (also a summer theme), packing, unpacking, repacking, hotel beds, hot tubs, sunshine, laughter, "smoke breaks", baseball, random encounters with celebrities, maid of honour tasks, new and improved texting abilities, messy situations, and a whole lot of Skype dates.

I loved August. I forged friendships with many people. I had some of the more interesting experiences of my life. I gained perspective on many life situations and my own feelings related to them. I feel like I grew as a person this month. I am thankful for my work term for ending up giving me space that I was craving and honestly, probably really needed.

I can't believe this month is over. Let's go, September!


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