Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 210: Inner Hippie

Day Two: England 2011/2012

On my second day in London, I didn't wake up until around 9am. It was a glorious 12-hour sleep. I don't think I even moved. I was just out.

Upon waking up and after getting ready, as people do, Krista and I headed to the Southbank Christmas Market. I had requested that we do something Christmas-y on Christmas Eve, as it's my favourite day of the year. Krista came up with the Christmas Market - and it was perfect!

We wandered around the market, took some photos with Big Ben and the London Eye in the background. We purchased some treasures, including artwork for Krista's flat. It was a relaxing morning/early afternoon.

We then headed back to Krista's place to pick up the things we needed to make Christmas dinner at Sarah and Irene's place. These two girls are a lot of fun - as are Alicia and Sally! Us six girls did Christmas dinner (with Krista cooking most of it and myself helping with some of the slicing and dicing). I was the Sous Chef to Krista's post as Master Chef.

The meal was absolutely delicious. I can't think of anything feeling more Christmas-y on my favourite day of the year than an entire Christmas dinner.

All the ladies did a gift exchange, which was great fun. Then we watched Home Alone and part of Home Alone 2, before Krista and I had to leave so that we didn't miss the last tube home.

Back at home we watched the Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special before retiring for the evening, anticipating Christmas Day!


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